The Last of us

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We've been helping families in need for almost 35 years. Our goal is to provide help, discreetly, with dignity and respect.

How is this accomplished?


We Identify Families in Need

Many of the 700+ families we help are families struggling due to temporary or unexpected financial challenges. Our primary goal is to ensure that we provide support in a discreet and dignified manner on a weekly basis and also during holiday seasons.


Families Receive a Gift Card

Our program was designed to help each family 'fill in the blanks' so they can afford what they're lacking - purchases that most families take for granted. With the gift card and discount program, families no longer have to choose between one necessity or another.


They Make Purchases בדרך כבוד (with dignity)

Gift cards are redeemable at over fifty local establishments, including grocery stores, meat and poultry stores, shoe stores and clothing stores for men, women and children where families shop year-round and especially during holiday seasons.

"With Ahavas Tzedaka's support, families no longer have to focus on only purchasing the basic necessities while shopping."

About Dr. Robert Shanik

Dr. Shanik is a household name in the Lakewood community and surrounding areas. Together with his wife, the Shaniks are renowned for their accessibility and readiness to help at all hours and their deep concern for others. Ahavas Tzedakah was born out of this care and commitment to the growth of the community.

Dr. Robert Shanik has been a popular pediatrician for over 35 years and currently runs a private practice in Lakewood, NJ, with offices in Toms River, Manahawkin, Howell, and Brick.

"He taught us benevolence not by instruction but by his own quiet personal example."

Dr. Robert Shanik
On his late father, Bernard Shanik

How We Help Families

Grocery and Food

Shopping for groceries can be a stressful experience when families can't afford the bill. With your help we can provide the support that families need to help them purchase their entire shopping list on a weekly basis.

Meat and Poultry

Meat and poultry are costly purchases for large families on a weekly basis and for Yomim Tovim. Our goal is to ensure that each family can afford to shop, without having to choose between purchases.


Everyone appreciates being able to buy clothing on a regular basis and especially for Yom Tov (holidays). Ahavas Tzedakah enables each family member to receive the attention they deserve.


Shoes are the most well-worn item of clothing and children especially need regular updating. Our vision is to provide families with their needs on a continuous basis.

Corporate Sponsors

Support Families in Need

Help us give each family the support they need to provide for each family member.